October 2015

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We met at a dorm holiday party, bonding over hot chocolate and charlie brown’s christmas movie.

Soon we were attending craft fairs, making jewelry out of resistors, and doing linear algebra homework together.

We laughed uncontrollably at the same dumb things, both exaggerated stories on retelling. I can count on her to be as late as I am to everything, and neither of us ever mind.

She’s so amazing; she loves Sherlock Holmes & teaches an amazing class on the chemistry of Sherlock Holmes to high school students.

Even when I moved to Japan, we scheduled Skype sewing dates, where we’d talk and sew, and donated the dolls we made to an orphanage in El Salvador.

She’s been a BFF for 12 years & counting. When she she found out that she got into a grad school in Montreal, we decided to take a celebratory/California farewell BFF Disneyland trip. I’m glad that we got to celebrate our decade+ friendship in Mickey hats.

I’ll miss her terribly but I can’t wait to visit Montreal!