biking in finland! day 2

I had told my cousin to get lots of sleep our last night in Helsinki, assuming that sleep would be less comfortable on the road. But I had an amazing night’s sleep after our first day of biking (was it being lulled to sleep by the rain? was it that I was so ungodly tired from biking 8 hours?) and woke up super ready and excited to bike some more.

We snuck up to the pink house to leave a thank you note and some San Francisco chocolates to the lovely Finnish couple that had let us camp on their property.

We started the day off in our tent, eating tiny forrest blueberries that we had packed, along with delicious (Icelandic!) vanilla yogurt that we had picked up in an S-mart.

The most ambitious schedule was for this 2nd day (the first day was for getting adjusted, the third day, we wanted to leave plenty of time for buffer) but we were feeling good about making it since we had more of a rhythm, now.

We biked and biked, and took pictures of flowers, and farm houses, and stopped to drink delicious packs of chocolate soy milk (soy milk doesn’t spoil! What a good bike camping treat!) We lunched in a clearing in the woods, that we spotted while biking. We had rye bread, brown cheese, berries.

The couple had warned us that the weather would not be good on our way (they had been thoughtful enough to look up the forecast for us). Biking in the rain was not pleasant. Sweating under a rain jacket left me about as wet as when I didn’t wear a jacket. But the rain was not too heavy, and was sporadic.

My cousin and I talked about what order we should bike in. Whenever there was an explicit bike path, the must fun was biking side by side. We were about the same speed—I had more experience biking longer trips, but my cousin is more generally athletic, so it evened out. When we were biking on the side of the road, sometimes I biked ahead and navigated. And once in a while, she biked ahead. Later, she said she preferred me in the front because it was comforting to see that she had someone biking with her. Which I hadn’t thought of, and thought was cute.

We were so proud of making it in good time (8pm-ish) to the town of Salo, so we decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner there!

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